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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Walmart seeks lower standard of life in India with predatory pricing

Bharti Walmart India is just one of the heads of the true beast that is controlling multiple corporations that are attacking the country at the same time from all directions to completely take over every thing, and the people will never be aware of what is happening to them because they will think that the system is becomeing better when everey thing is going to be ripped apart all around them. 

This is an elaborate set up being created by the Zionists which they use to entrap people into their web just because the people are nothing more than cattle to them. They use the system to feed off their blood through economic warfare, and their victims will remain helpless to fight back. This is what has been happening for many years in the past, and these monsters have gotten away with it because they use the very laws of the world to manipulate the masses. 

The more ignorant is the common man, the easier it is to control them, and manipulate them till the end of time. There are many corporations coming into the country to "invest", and they will rip apart the people because they will think that there will be more job opportunities for them but all that is happening is that their future is being sold out to the predators.

The game of economic terrorism continues as corporations like walmart, Lidl in India, ALDI, Carrefour, Tesco, and Metro AG who are just a few of the names of the companies that have been planting their roots to destroy the masses. This is a very poisonous game in which the people are being used as "Cattle" to feed the greed of the corporate machine, but it is the very people on the top that are controlling the corporate puppets and they are a single entity. They are not a nameless, or faceless corporate that is just a mask they use to hide their true evil motives.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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Monday, 7 May 2012

Profits from Child Slavery - The Everlasting Damnation

Corporations like Walmart India, and the round table of evil that enjoys using Child slavery around the planet of those people who are not a part of the "Zealot Cult". This is a war tactic used by "Zealots" for generations so they kick all the people down by attacking the weakest parts of the family. They have absolutely no regard for neither women or children, and they feel no remorse for all the people these monsters destroyed for generations. 

Walmart India

These monsters continue their onslaught towards all the countries that they have considered ripe for harvest after the dip they have experienced in the countries they were established in. Bharti Walmart India and the complete round table of evil are moving into new pastures to feed on the lives of the people who are unaware of their demonic agendas. They create "Controlled Opposition" to ensure that the people of that country do not fight back by using a psychological barrier. If people think that there is some one fighting for them then they will not rise up and fight for themselves. This is the form of warfare that the "Zealots" have used for generations, and allowed them to win using this war tactic. 
Walmart India

There is no doubt that these monsters are a threat to all life on this planet as their never ending hunger of greed keeps expanding into all dominions. They will never stop even if there is a single person left to be exploited, and they will make every possible effort to suck the life out of any thing that comes in their way. These parasites have been destroying humanity, and the planet for generations to they can rule over rest of humanity. They cannot be allowed to exist any longer if peace is to come into existence. 

Walmart India

Walmart India, and every other brand owned by "Zealots" have made sure that they exploit every man, women and child connected to their system so their need of money is satisfied. These monsters want to have the best of every thing without working for it, and they make that possible by using other people to get things done for them. This may not sound bad to most people but "human slavery" has to stop at some point. The "Zealots" have done much more to destroy humanity, and steal every thing from others. They will continue to do so until they are not destroyed, hence it is inevitable that the people of the world will rise up against the tyrannical monsters who have destroyed their lives.
Walmart India
The dark reign of Zealots will come to an end, and they will pay for every last crime they have committed around the planet. These monsters have hell to pay..

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Monday, 9 April 2012

Unbridled lust for women slaves

It’s a known fact Walmart India discriminates against women around the world and they have faced a massive sex discrimination lawsuit which was thrown out the supreme court in America. The Zealots created, and control the justice systsm which is why no one in their system will ever get justice because if the women win they would get billions in damages.

Zealots cannot afford to loose billions in a lawsuit, which is why they manipulate the system even in a country like America which used to boast a strong justice system. Yet, little do normal people realize the truth depth of evil that has caught them in a powerful unseen web that is draining their lives away for generations. This intricate web was woven by “Zealots”, as they have been waging a war against humanity for over 2500 years. 

The video below shows the discrimination done to women over and over again. Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg clearly created confusion in the whole lawsuit, and did not allow women to get justice as she is part of the system of the zealots to begin with. This proves that these monsters will never allow any justice to happen any day as long as they system remains. The sweatshops that the zealots created in countries like china, Bangladesh and Indonesia also hires women and children as cheap labor to feed their hunger for billions. These monsters will never stop, unless their web is destroyed completely. 

Walmart India

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