Sunday, 2 June 2013

GAP, Walmart Subdues Reforms after Bangladesh Sweatshop Massacre

After, another Sweatshop massacre in Bangladesh, GAP, Walmart and other are collectively suppressing any form of reforms in the country. They have been using the people of the country for more than 13 years as their sweatshop slaves, there is no reason to spend more on them when its going to cost the corporations millions for their safety.

Giving them a safe place to work would only mean more expenses for the company.

When all these retailers collectively manipulate the sweatshop slaves, and the media, their global scam, and economic terrorism will continue. The blame game has been the easiest way out for these corporations; it gives them the opportunity to get away with their collective crimes.

They constantly push the factory owners in Bangladesh to produce more. The contractors themselves are working on a very thin margin, they cannot give any form of safety or better wages to their employees. They are at the mercy of these corporations that have already manipulated the laws through the lobbying tactics.

When they perpetually control the governments, media, the laws, then there is nothing left to stop them. All they have to do is manipulate the minds of the people to continue their Pyramid scheme, meant to exploit all the people in the world, collectively.

Gap, Walmart Kills Slaves in Bangladesh

Tommy Wade
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