Monday, 8 October 2012

Information warfare: using spoof sites to hide truth

One of the best techniques used by Corporate Zealots to hide their atrocities, and the current manipulation they are doing around the planet is using Spoof sites. By putting reality on parody sites, it allows the zealots to hide truth in plain site. Later when someone realizes that the information there is actually the truth, then just say,  "hey, this content is from a spoof site!" This is the cheap technique used by zealots to write off truth completely.

Bharti Walmart India

Yes, it is all about throwing truth right out of the court. If you want justice, you have to go to the court, and any reasonable doubt would make the judge throw the case right out of the court.

This is the poison that has been spread around the planet by the zealots, which is why no one in this world is getting any justice when they call for it. Walmart in USA did the same thing by using their own people to put a case against themselves, and with an incomplete case they threw the whole Sex discrimination lawsuit case right out of the court. 

Bharti Walmart India

Now, they are attacking India, and many other Asian countries using the age old manipulation of the laws that they have done for generations.

They are the same monsters that owned the British, French, Dutch, and Swiss East India Company under the Bourgeois family line. They have created a beautiful web of infinite exploitation to perpetually manipulate the people of the planet till the end of time, however fate is a beautiful thing which will not allow their monstrosity to continue forever.

Bharti Walmart India

Rules are meant to be broken” was said by a zealot, when they realized that they can feed off the lives of other people with their lies, and deception. They are the ultimate backstabbers, and they have to be completely destroyed once and for all.

Tommy Wade
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