Saturday, 2 June 2012

Little children are good cheap labor

he true depth of any corporation can be seen through the methods they use to conduct business, and the conglomerates that gave birth to the joint venture of Bharti Walmart India is the worst of them all. It feeds off the Child slavery that happens in countries like Saipan, Bangladesh, China, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Nicaragua and many other places on earth which was established by “Zealots” that owned the British, Dutch, and French East India company. 

 The power remained in the hands of the “Bourgeois Family line” that was just one of the links of the whole demonic cult that has conspired to take humanity to the deepest pit of hell. They are the kind of monsters that enjoy inflicting pain, and suffering on the people who are not a part of their cult through their massive lies as well as web of infinite deceit. On Friday, December 2, 2005, the French-language Radio Canada program Zone Libre brought the truth out in the open that WalMart uses child labour at factories in Bangladesh.

Bharti Walmart

Tommy Wade
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