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Monday, 7 May 2012

Profits from Child Slavery - The Everlasting Damnation

Corporations like Walmart India, and the round table of evil that enjoys using Child slavery around the planet of those people who are not a part of the "Zealot Cult". This is a war tactic used by "Zealots" for generations so they kick all the people down by attacking the weakest parts of the family. They have absolutely no regard for neither women or children, and they feel no remorse for all the people these monsters destroyed for generations. 

Walmart India

These monsters continue their onslaught towards all the countries that they have considered ripe for harvest after the dip they have experienced in the countries they were established in. Bharti Walmart India and the complete round table of evil are moving into new pastures to feed on the lives of the people who are unaware of their demonic agendas. They create "Controlled Opposition" to ensure that the people of that country do not fight back by using a psychological barrier. If people think that there is some one fighting for them then they will not rise up and fight for themselves. This is the form of warfare that the "Zealots" have used for generations, and allowed them to win using this war tactic. 
Walmart India

There is no doubt that these monsters are a threat to all life on this planet as their never ending hunger of greed keeps expanding into all dominions. They will never stop even if there is a single person left to be exploited, and they will make every possible effort to suck the life out of any thing that comes in their way. These parasites have been destroying humanity, and the planet for generations to they can rule over rest of humanity. They cannot be allowed to exist any longer if peace is to come into existence. 

Walmart India

Walmart India, and every other brand owned by "Zealots" have made sure that they exploit every man, women and child connected to their system so their need of money is satisfied. These monsters want to have the best of every thing without working for it, and they make that possible by using other people to get things done for them. This may not sound bad to most people but "human slavery" has to stop at some point. The "Zealots" have done much more to destroy humanity, and steal every thing from others. They will continue to do so until they are not destroyed, hence it is inevitable that the people of the world will rise up against the tyrannical monsters who have destroyed their lives.
Walmart India
The dark reign of Zealots will come to an end, and they will pay for every last crime they have committed around the planet. These monsters have hell to pay..

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Trickery of the Zealot Cult – UNI Global Union

Walmart India, Tesco, Gap, Macy, H&M, Nike, Carrefour, Starbucks,7-eleven, IKEA and Metro AG are the brands owned by the most evil force the world has ever seen known as the “Zealot Cult”. These monsters are acknowledged to be the “Original Terrorist of the planet” who have been destroying human civilization for generations through psychological warfare, and other coercive methods. These evil creatures smash all laws that protect life so they can feed off the destruction they leave behind.  The biggest examples of their dark reign on humanity would be the systematic take over of “Rome” after the “Rome- Zealot war” where these putrid monsters used to slit the throats of “Romans” just because they were trying to put up resistance. Zealots the “Victimizers”, rewrote history so they can make the victims look like thebad guys, and they can get away scott free. They also realized after generations that there will always be people who would try to resist in the future so they created “Controlled Opposition” to keep the “Goylem nations” under the control forever. If they control the opposition then they can control their cattle forever and feed off their lives forever till they co-opt every thing that belongs to the goy.

Walmart India

Looking up this article: UNI Global warns India on FDI in retail

UNI Global also said that the criticisms of Walmart do not apply to all of the foreign retailers who propose to enter the Indian market.

This is the point where the true face of this cult is revealed, when all the “foreign retailers” like Metro AG is owned by the same Zealot terrorist cult that owned the “British East India company”. UNI Global is just a propaganda machine which is being used to cut down any force that may point to the whole picture, and suppress retaliation completely.

Walmart India is a part of the conglomerate of the “Zealot Terrorist cult” who truly are scum sucking trash as there is nothing they hold sacred other than their own limited cult. These evil monsters use “mind games” to keep their prey in control so they can feed on their blood forever. These evil creatures must be destroyed so the world has a chance to exist. They are the monsters who began “Child Slavery” from England from the workhouses they created after the complete takeover of the country under the “Norman Invasion. The Norman Zealot cult used “prostution” to weaken their enemy by making their women into their sex slaves. The manipulation has been slow so the people of the world would never notice what has happened to them. It leaves the people of the world confused, and forever entrapped in the warped system of the “Zealots” 

Walmart India

Walmart India and the Zealots that control it do not like “uncontrolled opposition” hence they use the trickery of UNI Global to shut people up. How you would ask? If the “goylem’s” believe that there is some one struggling for them then they will not make an attempt to fight back, and go on with their usual life. This is the modus operandi that the “Zealots” have used for generations on earth, and it has kept them from harms way for a very long time. However, the time of the “Zealot monsters” has come to an end and these evil monsters will pay a heavy price for their monstrosity. 

Walmart India

Walmart India has been feeding off the destruction that was left behind by the “British, French, and Dutch east India Company” that was owned and controlled by the “Zealot Cult”. Their war tactic relied on corrupting different countries by taking over the monarchy, and warping their spiritual strength from within to make them weak. The Zealot monsters will pay a very heavy price, and when the world will find out the true depth of their evil – that will be their “Doomsday”, they will be wiped out from the planet. The bane of civilization will not exist, they will pay a heavy cost – it is inevitable.

Tommy Wade
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