Friday, 25 October 2013

Walmart Plots Sneaky Invasion Indian Retail Sector with Private Labels

Walmart plays a sneaky game by installing private brands in the Indian Retail sector. These brand names include Equate, Great Value, George, Astitva, Mainstrays, Hometrends and simply basic which is being offered in Easy Day Super market chain.

The game is simple as usual, all you have to do is fool the masses into thinking that a corporate preadtor has backed off but there are a number of alternate ways to invade an economy and serve sweatshop produced goods.

We've seen what has happened in Bangladesh for over a decade now. The corporations like Walmart have created conditions were the people have no other choice but to work in their sweatshops where they have to toil 16 hours a day for a meager pay.

But, the meager pay and the harsh working hours are the least problems for the workers.

There are no safety attributes for the workers which makes their working conditions very life threatening. These people are being burnt alive since there are no protective measures taken. 

Protective measures means Walmart will have to pay their suppliers more. 

What is Walmart's thought process?

Why pay more for people who do not even matter? They are just a means to an economic end.

It won't be a profitable business venture if they start paying what they are supposed to be paying!

Walmart's Retail venture in India

Tommy Wade
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