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Monday, 9 April 2012

Unbridled lust for women slaves

It’s a known fact Walmart India discriminates against women around the world and they have faced a massive sex discrimination lawsuit which was thrown out the supreme court in America. The Zealots created, and control the justice systsm which is why no one in their system will ever get justice because if the women win they would get billions in damages.

Zealots cannot afford to loose billions in a lawsuit, which is why they manipulate the system even in a country like America which used to boast a strong justice system. Yet, little do normal people realize the truth depth of evil that has caught them in a powerful unseen web that is draining their lives away for generations. This intricate web was woven by “Zealots”, as they have been waging a war against humanity for over 2500 years. 

The video below shows the discrimination done to women over and over again. Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg clearly created confusion in the whole lawsuit, and did not allow women to get justice as she is part of the system of the zealots to begin with. This proves that these monsters will never allow any justice to happen any day as long as they system remains. The sweatshops that the zealots created in countries like china, Bangladesh and Indonesia also hires women and children as cheap labor to feed their hunger for billions. These monsters will never stop, unless their web is destroyed completely. 

Walmart India

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