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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Walmart seeks lower standard of life in India with predatory pricing

Bharti Walmart India is just one of the heads of the true beast that is controlling multiple corporations that are attacking the country at the same time from all directions to completely take over every thing, and the people will never be aware of what is happening to them because they will think that the system is becomeing better when everey thing is going to be ripped apart all around them. 

This is an elaborate set up being created by the Zionists which they use to entrap people into their web just because the people are nothing more than cattle to them. They use the system to feed off their blood through economic warfare, and their victims will remain helpless to fight back. This is what has been happening for many years in the past, and these monsters have gotten away with it because they use the very laws of the world to manipulate the masses. 

The more ignorant is the common man, the easier it is to control them, and manipulate them till the end of time. There are many corporations coming into the country to "invest", and they will rip apart the people because they will think that there will be more job opportunities for them but all that is happening is that their future is being sold out to the predators.

The game of economic terrorism continues as corporations like walmart, Lidl in India, ALDI, Carrefour, Tesco, and Metro AG who are just a few of the names of the companies that have been planting their roots to destroy the masses. This is a very poisonous game in which the people are being used as "Cattle" to feed the greed of the corporate machine, but it is the very people on the top that are controlling the corporate puppets and they are a single entity. They are not a nameless, or faceless corporate that is just a mask they use to hide their true evil motives.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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