Sunday, 29 April 2012

Corporate Monstrosity: Ordinary Blogs hacked

There is an evil force of greed that looms all over the planet to consume the lives of all the people that have become a target for their exploitation. Walmart India is one of those corporate beasts that is spreading out its corruption around the world to make up for the losses they have endured for last two years. It is not enough that they destroy all other businesses, and putting the people on the streets, but they now plan to do the same thing in outer countries by bringing in the cheap goods they manufacture from the Sweatshops from countries like Bangladesh, China, and other Asian countries that the "Zealots" deem as third world. 

Walmart India

They have been making a heavy push into the country as their Economist have plotted out that they can sustain their warped system for the next 25 years by feeding off the middle class they have allowed to grow for a bitter economic harvest. Most people are not even aware of the complete web that the Zealots have woven around them, and corporations like Bharti Walmart India are moving in for the kill.

Walmart India

There are many people fighting against the web that the Zealots have spread around them, but they keep winning because they enjoying confusing people by creating controlled opposition. They use this technique to take away the ability of the people to fight back, and it allows them to continue their manipulation till the end of time. Those people who become start enough to their tricks are coerced to keep their mouth shut. Walmart India tried to use their CFR hackers to put psychological pressure on bloggers who ave been writing against them. However, there are people who are smart enough to keep the resistance going. They hacked this common man's blog 3 times in last 5 months, and yet they have not been able to stop the people who are ready to fight against them till the end of time. 

Tommy Wade
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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Zealot terrorism: Bangladeshi women slaves

The most ancient force of evil that is still thriving today is the Global greed of the “Zealots” whose web extends to all the regions of the planet, and it is still growing. The never ending pit of greed of the “Zealots” intends to consume the lives of everything they touch. These monsters truly possess the touch of death, and any thing they touch seems to putrefy to the absolute limit.  Bharti Walmart India is built to destroy businesses so they can generate quick profits for their shareholders by any means necessary.

The warped systems these monsters have built around is built only to serve their greed, and all the people connected to their demonic system lives to serve the black hole of greed that lies within them. The true mirror of their dark souls can be seen the death and destruction they left behind with the “British, French, and Dutch East India company around the world. However, their onslaught towards humanity did not begin with these demonic organizations. They have been systematically taking over countries by replacing their monarchy with “Pretenders” like they did in “Britain”, and the current prince Charles is their current pretender to the throne. 

Walmart India

As they successfully killed off American Indians, Aboriginals, and many other natives of countries all over the world, they systematically built a new warped world that only serves their demonic agendas of greed. The “Zealots” only have one god, and it is called “money”, this is the core reason why organizations like Walmart India exists, which only thrives on destroying other people’s lives. We can clearly see that the concept of “Sweat shops”, communism, and all the warped concepts that create terrorism around the world was generated by nothing other than your “unfriendly” neighborhood “Zealots”

Walmart India

In the video, as Kalpona Akter explains the events of her life that she had to  start working at the age of 12 in sweat shops created by Zealots at Bharti Walmart India. The biggest question is how did this country reach this depraved state? It happened as the decay of the world accelerated as the greed of the zealots kept expanding. Today, these monsters threaten to destroy every thing that exist and more if they are not crippled completely. 

Walmart India

Monday, 9 April 2012

Unbridled lust for women slaves

It’s a known fact Walmart India discriminates against women around the world and they have faced a massive sex discrimination lawsuit which was thrown out the supreme court in America. The Zealots created, and control the justice systsm which is why no one in their system will ever get justice because if the women win they would get billions in damages.

Zealots cannot afford to loose billions in a lawsuit, which is why they manipulate the system even in a country like America which used to boast a strong justice system. Yet, little do normal people realize the truth depth of evil that has caught them in a powerful unseen web that is draining their lives away for generations. This intricate web was woven by “Zealots”, as they have been waging a war against humanity for over 2500 years. 

The video below shows the discrimination done to women over and over again. Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg clearly created confusion in the whole lawsuit, and did not allow women to get justice as she is part of the system of the zealots to begin with. This proves that these monsters will never allow any justice to happen any day as long as they system remains. The sweatshops that the zealots created in countries like china, Bangladesh and Indonesia also hires women and children as cheap labor to feed their hunger for billions. These monsters will never stop, unless their web is destroyed completely. 

Walmart India

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