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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Corporate Monstrosity: Ordinary Blogs hacked

There is an evil force of greed that looms all over the planet to consume the lives of all the people that have become a target for their exploitation. Walmart India is one of those corporate beasts that is spreading out its corruption around the world to make up for the losses they have endured for last two years. It is not enough that they destroy all other businesses, and putting the people on the streets, but they now plan to do the same thing in outer countries by bringing in the cheap goods they manufacture from the Sweatshops from countries like Bangladesh, China, and other Asian countries that the "Zealots" deem as third world. 

Walmart India

They have been making a heavy push into the country as their Economist have plotted out that they can sustain their warped system for the next 25 years by feeding off the middle class they have allowed to grow for a bitter economic harvest. Most people are not even aware of the complete web that the Zealots have woven around them, and corporations like Bharti Walmart India are moving in for the kill.

Walmart India

There are many people fighting against the web that the Zealots have spread around them, but they keep winning because they enjoying confusing people by creating controlled opposition. They use this technique to take away the ability of the people to fight back, and it allows them to continue their manipulation till the end of time. Those people who become start enough to their tricks are coerced to keep their mouth shut. Walmart India tried to use their CFR hackers to put psychological pressure on bloggers who ave been writing against them. However, there are people who are smart enough to keep the resistance going. They hacked this common man's blog 3 times in last 5 months, and yet they have not been able to stop the people who are ready to fight against them till the end of time. 

Tommy Wade
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