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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshops Deaths From Fire

Corporate terrorist such as Bharti Walmart India seek low-cost manual labour globally. Nations like China, Honduras, Jordan, Haiti, and Bangladesh have been caged in such a way that they turn out to be the slave manual labour for the ones who created the intricate trap for them.

Transnationals giants such as walmart, Tesco, GAP and many such commercial monsters get away with their crimes because they have the monetary control to repress the truth for an indefinite period. International sweatshops supply them because they were created there to enchain the ordinary man. Workers suffer dreadful conditions because they are strained to do so by the corporations by the strength of fear as these individuals do no have any where else to go for an occupation. Some work up to 90 or more hours every week since they have to suffer the undue demands laid down on them by the iron clad masters behind these corporations.

Bharti Walmart India

They are made out to be wage slaves because they do not have any other place to go for a job, and they have become so highly dependent on the system created for them that they just cannot seem to leave. They have no other choice but to work on poverty wages that have been haggled down to almost nothing, and they have to keep on working because they are constantly threatened to be fired. Under the fear of loosing their job, and no where else to go these people remain quiet till there is a disaster to make them scream out for justice.

However, there have been constant fires over last 6 years in Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop factories where over 600 people have died. Walmart along with Tesco, GAP and many other corporations that soured from these Sweatshops used the media, and the laws to suppress all voices that rise up against them. They have been feeding off the blood of the people, and they continue to do so because it is profitable. They are harassed, abused, beaten, and even raped if they try to speak out against them. Even the police are paid off so that they can be used to suppress the little people who have been suffering for a long time.

The Walmart sweatshop is a hell hole that is supposed to be a business, but it violates every law for the purpose of profiteering because they have the monetary power to do so, and the lawyers to suppress the fraud where workforce is:
  • highly abused, including the deficiency of a living wage and made to work long hours;
  • sub-poor work surroundings, such as healthiness and security hazard;
  • irrational regulations, such as oral or bodily abuse, or
  • terror and intimidation when they speak out, order, or attempt to shape a union

Tommy Wade
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