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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Walmat will suck the life out of India

Walmart India is an evil corporate terrorist that thrives on absolute exploitation of every thing that they touch. They are the kind of evil beast that brings death to every thing they touch. All they leave behind is despair and unhappiness. Their main corporate ideology revolves around the fact that they have created "Sweat Shops"  in asian countries like China, and Bangladesh. using these sweat shops they create cheap good through under paid workers in the factories who work more than 19 hours a day. These depraved manics have created this system because it helps them make millions without working hard for it. 

Walmart India
Walmart India is an old dog with no new tricks, and all it can do is create more deception to keep their unsustainable business model afloat. These Global economic vampires enter those economies that are thriving, and undercut all businesses that exist there. This allows them to take over all the flow of wealth towards themselves and at the end of the day all the people connected to their evil system become poor. 

Walmart India

Walmart India is the worst that humanity can ever bring fourth, and they have proven themselves unworthy by the poison they have left behind. They have no right to exist any further, and they have to be put down for good. Their demonic aggressive expansion will be met with extreme aggressive retaliation, and now the end of this evil demon is eminent.

Walmart India

Walmart India will be delt with extreme retaliation, as they have hacked blogs, and personal computers of the people who have been trying to stop their aggressive expansion into their world. These evil monster have no tricks left in the bag, and the people against them cannot be fooled any more by their lies and deception.

Justice will be swift, and they will be put down forever. 

Walmart India will be made an example for generations to come, and they will be taught a strict lesson in justice. The nightmare they have created in this world will be destroyed, and they will pay for their crimes against humanity. It's time to pay the price for their monstrosity.

Tommy Wade
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