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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Factory Fire ( August 8 2001 )

Wal-mart, GAP, Tesco, NIKE and the whole lot have been involved in Sweatshops for more than a decade. There have been many voices against them, yet the number of Sweatshops controlled by these corporations only seem to increase.

Garment Workers Die in Bangladeshi Fire
The true magnitude of the damage is always hidden from the public so that no one is able to become aware about what exactly is happening around the planet. When there is no resistance, then the corporation can continue its profiteering agenda.

This is true because people have been dying in Bangladesh over a decade now, every single year.

It almost seems like magic that these corporations go on, and on.

No, it is a very cold, and calculated system created by a singular demonic source that is controlling the media, and the governments in such a manner that people can be entrapped in a set of laws that they cannot escape.

This is no farfetched, as it has already happened.

There is a reason why life is getting harder for us all, why the inflation keeps rising, and we end up in greater debt. It is a forced system created by the zealots, in which we all become entrapped in such a manner that it become inescapable.

Multiple traps are built from every side where we all become enslaved in such a manner where we remain unaware. We decay, and die slowly every single day when the parasite feed on all of our lives.

Not only the Sweatshop monster feeds on their human slaves in Bangladesh but also their customers who end up with no other choice. With the power of predatory pricing, no other business can hope to compete.

This is a perpetual system of evil that will continue until the source of this evil is not destroyed.

They will do everything in their power to control their opposition so that the people will never be able to stop their business agendas. Their system of evil is meant to feed on all of our lives.

When they have the power to control, and destroy all the evidence against them, then no one can stop them even in the court of law. They have the financial power to hire the best lawyers in the world who know how to manipulate the corporate laws to suppress all allegations against them.

They are very good at it.

Years of experience in the field of manipulative business that feeds on other human beings, they continue to attack the world for their infinite greed.

Walmart Sweatshop Slaves Burning More than 13 years

Tommy Wade
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