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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

India gave thumbs down to Walmart

Bharti Walmart India is the kind of corporation that does not like to hear no for an answer which is the reason that they are constantly bribing warping the laws of the country using their political connections in the zionist puppet government which was installed during the British East India company's dark reign. They are sourcing all of their goods from enslaved china which is under their direct control through communism which has made the people of that country into complete slaves who would do their bidding.

It is like a near perfect trap because the people will see absolutely no way out of the trap that has been set for them, and the best part is that this trap keeps them alive long enough to get maximum work done out of them. This the kind of demonic creatures are zealots who constantly create traps for the people, and making them think that their trap is good for them.

We are already a part of that trap, and there is absolutely no way out of it because the trap they have built i all around us. It is through the political system, education system and the monetary system that binds us all. All they have to do is control the people in the key areas so they can manipulate the masses till the end of time.  They are monsters no doubt which is the reason they have to be completely destroyed before they eat away at every thing in this world.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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