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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Walmart's Controlled Lobbying Panel India

Walmart is going to destroy Indian economy by predatory pricing which is done with controlled human exploitation found in China, and Bangladesh Sweatshops.

The fraudulent lobbying  review happening in the "Media" is just another propaganda run by the zealots to make their prey think that something is happening in the backdrops to stop walmart's invasion. But, that is just another lie in the long list of deception that zealots know how to do best. 

Manipulating economies to feed a every hungry engine of greed has been the specialty of such demonic corporate entities that thrives on human suffering. 

Such corporations are controlled by Zealots that owned the British East India Company through which Communism was installed in India, and China

This is a system that gives all the power over the people to one man, and all the zealots have to do is control the man on the top to use the population as slaves till the end of time. 

This is exactly what has happened in China, and the people keep on going because they have nothing else but to depend on the controlled puppet government that was created to control their lives in turn. 

You can find many zealots in the country fluent in Cantonese because it allows them to haggle the lowest prices from the dealers in the country. It is an amazing scam where all you have to do is feed off the margins, and live like a king. 

They also get to make sure that the worst of goods goes into the countries they want to suppress so that they are never able to com up against them in the future. They are masters of psychological warfare, and they use all the media in the world that they control to suppress all the cultures in the world so they are the ones in complete control. 
This is a demonic plot that has been developing for over 2500 years, and if you ask them then you will get a simple answer, "its strictly business!" Of course, this is all about money, regardless of the fact that people burn for the billions that they enjoying showing off, but we all know the price for it, because we are the ones paying for it at the end of the day.

Slavery on a global scale, that has been their dream that has come to live and the best part is that the people of the world do not even realize it when it is happening right in their face. 

Ignorance is a powerful weapon used by the zealots to keep their prey suppressed, and continue their atrocities using the very laws that are supposed to protect the innocent people. But the laws of the world are being used by the ultimate predators to destroy our lives in return.  

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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