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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Manipulating information using "Faking News"

The top corporations in the world like Bharti  Walmart India  have used various techniques to manipulate their opposition so they can get away with every crime the commit in the world. There are various techniques used by them to suppress the truth so that they can continue their system of profiteering.

Bharti Walmart India

The ultimate form of terrorism is done through manipulating truth which is done right in the face of the masses using the main stream media. Faking News is also one such sources which uses "Satire" form of speech which is used to manipulate both sides of the chess board. This is the trick that the "Zealots" have used for generations to suppress all the criminal activities that they do right in front of all the people, and they do not even realize that something extremely sinister is happening right in front of them. This is one of the form of intellectual terrorism used by zealots to write off truth so that their opponents become helpless in the court of law. 

Tommy Wade
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