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Monday, 25 February 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Economic Terrorism Continues

Bharti Walmart India is owned, and controlled by demented monsters that are hell bent to making a profit over the lives of millions of people that they destroy with procreatory pricing that they have created by installing communism in China.

  • Communism was created by Karl Marx, blood relative of the Rothschild.
  • Walmart is being funded by El Rothschild Group.
  • Chinese people enslaved through communism to be cattle for the Zionist.
  • The Chinese have been cultivated as slaves
  • India has been cultivated as slave nation with conversion into Service based economy.
  • Debt based banking system in India forces the country for FDI.
This has been an elaborate trap created by the zionist to drain the blood out of every community in the world using their poisonous system, and wipe out every culture so they can be No.1.

They enjoy human slavery, and this is the reason "Free Trade" is being introduced in India to freely trade Indian Workers from India to any European Country in the world.

They will not have to pay a dime in taxes to the government, and they will have a wild feeding frenzy by bleeding the common man dry. These monsters will never stop because this is the way they have been brought up for thousands of years.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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