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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Walmart Bribery Probe - Deceptive Media fraud

Bharti Walmart India  is a deceptive corporation that has always used the media to "confuse" the minds of the people by creating fraudulent stories that the government is doing something against the corruption done by this corporation. This is the perfect way that they have used to suppress the minds of the masses by making them think that there is actually some resistance against them. When the masses do not get up themselves to fight for their rights, then they can be manipulated till the end of time. This is the main reason that this corporation has lasted this long because the minds of the masses have been kept under constant control.

This has been done by the people who have created multiple brand names that follow the same demonic wave pattern of extreme exploitation of the masses. The system of profiteering continues because the opposition is controlled by the corporations themselves. This allows them to know the mindset of the masses, and manipulate them according to the mental state. They are trained in psychological warfare to constantly warp the minds of the people so they will be prepared to be the fuel for the corporations greed engine.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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