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Friday, 12 April 2013

Walmart Bribes Indian Officials for Easy Entry

Walmart is an evil corporation run specifically to destroy certain economies through the system of profiteering which is build on human slavery and the manipulation of laws.

This corporation has been built by a dark force that knows the world is built on a set of laws that protect life, and all they have to do is manipulate those laws to take away life from the people to feed their empty souls.

They have high powered lawyers to help warp the laws in such a manner that they are able to build a strong defense for themselves as they move on ahead into the economy. This way they will be able to suppress all allegations against them as they have all the right people at the right places to support them.

With the financial power backing them up from the backdrops, they have absolutely nothing to fear because no one can stand up against them head on. If you place a lawsuit against them in the court of law then you will have to fight it out for years, and bare the expenses of the lawsuits at the same time.

Normal people will never be able to do that, and the only way they can is going through a Class action lawsuit. Walmart has faced many such lawsuits, and they are masters in suppressing such lawsuits in such a manner that they wear out their opponents by bleeding them financially, and emotionally.

Eventually people give up their fight, and that is the moment when such corporations win. Their profiteering system keeps on running, and the people entrapped in their system keep on gong with their lives being ripped apart every single day of their lives.

This is an amazing system of evil created by the zealots, who are the original terrorist of the planet, and the only way to survive is by destroying the lives of other people that they have done for generations around the world.

Tommy Wade
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