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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Walmart's Profiteering Delight in Human Suffering, Slavery, and Death

Walmart thrives on the parasitical system that helps them gain billions of dollars as they are masters in "Not Spending out of their own pocket" and making other pay for their development. This is the ultimate way they can feed off other people like human parasites. India has become the same cesspool which has been maneuvered by the zealots so they can make the people of the country fight each other, and the zealots will make off with the loot.

They have been doing this in every aspect of the economy, and the debt based economy of India is just another means to make the people of the country bleed till the end of time. When the zealots can make other people pay through their nose, then they constantly conspire to keep the people in a state of disillusion so they never get out of their trap.

Bharti Walmart India

They control the media to create massive confusion so that the people never understand what is happening around them, and they remain entrapped in their system for ever. This has been their demonic plot of the zealots that have been playing master racist with the world for over 2500 years, and they have been warping information in every area of the world so they can make all the people of their world into their slaves.

They use Satire form of linguistic terrorism so they can suppress all form of opposition against them, and cut down the fighting potential of the people till the end of time. This is a evil game, that the jews have been playing for hundreds of years to destroy the world, and they have poisoned the world with their black hole of greed.

Debt has been one of their main weapon against the people of the world which is used to maneuver the people into their elaborate traps from which they can never get out from.

This can be seen in the country of Bangladesh where Sweatshops have been created to enslave the people, and burn them alive by not giving them adequate protection from fire hazards. They make the people burn in their corporate machines so they can feed off the blood of the masses for their own evil existence.

Their main agenda has been to destroy all the communities of the world, and they continue their evil system of profiteering till the end of time.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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