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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Illegal Warehouse Chennai

Bharti Walmart India only knows how to spread their warped roots using absolute corruption because the easiest and fastest path is very kosher for them. They absolutely enjoy looting, and pillaging by walking all over the laws that protect the people, and making their billions without a care in the world. This is because they have all the high powered lawyers, judges, and politicians in their pocket along with the media that they can easily use to manipulate the minds of the masses.

Walmart in Channai

 Walmart in Channai has got its meat hooks into the flesh of the people as they have taken over Industrial land to use as commertial land for constructing their warehouse.  This is the place in Noombal village in poonamallee highway that they are going to use to buy off the farm fresh goods from india, and export to European countries. And they are planning to let all the chinese goods to come into India so they can make off with all the margins by eliminating all the competition in the country by predatory pricing. They intend to destroy the people of the country at a whole new level, and they are going to stop at nothing to make their evil dreams come to fruition.

Tommy Wade
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