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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Probes Own Corruption

Bharti Walmart India is an amazingly deceptive corporation that "Probes" its own corruption that its spreading all around the planet for aggressive expansion over the lives of other people. Why? Just to make a quick profit without any consideration for other people. Just because they have a superiority complex, and a warped mindset that they are some how better than others, and have the right to destroy their lives. They are no doubt demented creatures that will drop to any low to make a quick buck, and feed their warped mindset that they have about themselves.

Bharti Walmart India is the kind of corporations that promotes "PermaTemp" culture, suppresses labor rights, warps tax laws to pay less taxes, manipulates governments, sex discrimination, Dead Peasant Life Insurance, information manipulation, blatant lies, Chinese slavery... etc etc list is massive. 

OH YES, lets not forget CHILD SLAVERY!

Aren't they the most wonderful people in the world that you would like to have in your country preying on your little children?? Of-course you would, because you are sheep? What can you do but just watch?

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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