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Friday, 1 March 2013

Walmart Washes its hands from Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire 2011

Bharti Walmart India played the blame game by putting the pressure on the contractors itself when they were the ones putting pressure on the contractors to get more worn done out of the workers. Because of the heavy pressure on the contractors with the "Unreasonable" pressure put on them, the workers have to work longer, and harder to get the impossible done for the same low wages they had been assigned. This is the undue pressure being put on the people who are helpless in their system so they can be used as cattle for the plain and simple purpose of profits.

The poor conditions in the factory was planted by the zionist themselves when they have been bleeding the east through the British East India company which planted its puppet government to control the masses as their slaves till the end of time. These fires have been the resultant of that same force of evil that has put these people in an elaborate trap that they can never get out from till the end of time.

The best way for the evil corporation such as Walmart is to just deny that they never knew about the poor working conditions, and it is the contractors who are responsible for this unfortunate event. However, it is the zionist behind the corporations who have been responsible for these atrocities, and they get away with murder like they have always done for hundreds of years all over the planet.

 They not only get away with putting people in Sweatshops, but they also get away with murder because they are responsible for these events to begin with. They keep pressuring their workers to do more because they want to maximize their profit by any means necessary, and manipulating the common man is the best way these monsters consider to walk up the ladder of success because the common man can be manipulated as sheep. According to their demonic mindset, the human cattle should be used the way they were meant to be used, as slaves.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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