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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Getting away with just paying Child Labor Fine

The worst form of Corporate terrorism that every one would agree with would be using "Child Labor" as cheap option to make quick profits, and getting away with it by just paying a small fine if you get caught in the process. Walmart India simply got away with paying a sum of $135,540 to settle federal charges that it broke child labor laws in February 2005. This incident happened in the United States itself, in a states called Arkansas, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. Teenage workers were used to handle hazardous equipment like chain saw, paper balers and forklifts.Over 24 laws were broken by this corporation in this event, which makes us wonder about the true depth of the evil that lies within the "Billion Dollar Profit margin" that these corporate beasts like to show off.

They got away with just paying $31,680 in fines after the Department of Labor accused the company of violating child labor laws at stores located in Hanover, Pennsylvania; and Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

What underhanded tricks are they capable of in this world?

They would sell their family if they had to if it meant one more dollar to raise their stock prices.

Walmart India

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