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Saturday, 25 August 2012


The inquiry you ought to be asking yourself before analyzing the information ahead is why is the humankind is in a terrible economic shape that it is in today? The entire financial system around the globe is built on a harmful scheme of “Debt” which was installed over the original system that was better for everybody.

The scheme of entrapping all the people using debt allowed the zealots to steal everything from them after they had taken over the world with the “British, French, Dutch, Swiss East India company”. The Zealot Age of enlightenment is the pure opposite to the original concept of enlightenment which is the liberation from the world of death. The zealot age of enlightenment represents how to enslave the people of the world with the poisonous system of everlasting debt. Foremost corporations that grew like mushrooms all over the world by using Chinese slaves who manufacture cheap goods for them, and they supply those commodities to the earth to make their riches. Bharti Walmart India is the next phase in the system of infinite exploitation of all the people connected to their warped web.

Bharti Walmart India

The eye opening case of Debby Shanks indicates candidly that they will go to any length to exploit the ordinary public. She was in a terrible car accident in the year 2000, and she lost her capability to live like a typical human being. She had short term recollection failure which made her forget any discussion she has 10 minutes ago. Her family won the lawsuit against the trucking company which was responsible for her accident, and they won money from that lawsuit. Instead of helping her, walmart sued her for that money because they had already had a clause in her contract for the same.

Bharti Walmart India
The use of Dead peasant insurance policy is the undying proof of “Zealotry”, which was created to save up the money that they would have had to pay the government in the form of taxes. Using this policy the corporations owned by the zealots can easily use the system to preserve millions through insurance. They can also take up loans from the banks over this policy at the same time which them nearly unlimited edge over money. If this evil corporation comes into this country, then they are going to play the same game of near infinite exploitation, and all the common people will be completely destroyed in the next 10 years.

Tommy Wade
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