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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Boycott Walmart at Ringling plaza - Fake Anti-Walmart Group

This is about understanding multiple fake groups that are present on Facebook that is controlled by a hoard of evil that is constantly working against the people of the world. Their prime objective is to suppress all opposition against them by any means necessary. Walmart is just one of them.

Boycott Walmart at Ringling Plaza

One of our correspondents on the scene of the crime has been documenting all the organized criminal activity on social media networks. Controlled opposition has been the primary war tactic used by big corporations to suppress any voice against them.

Clearly in the screenshot, we can see the sly linguistic technique used to suppress the voice of the people who try to actively fight back against the system. By a systematic attack against the one raising the voice, they are able to suppress all acts of retaliation.

Ladies, and gentlemen, this is the true face of organized corporate crime.

Not only they get away with murder in different countries like Bangladesh, but they also get to manipulate the minds of the people in their own country so no voice is every heard.

Truly a force of absolute evil that will stop at nothing for its profiteering objectives.

This is just one facet of these Intellectual criminals, that actually pretend to be intelligent.

Tommy Wade
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