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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Walmart Profiteers Off Bangladesh Sweatshop Deaths Jan 2013

Walmart is a known corporate terrorist that has fed off human slavery planed by the original terrorist of the planet, that owned the British East India Company under the infamous Rothschild Family.

They are the same people funding this Monster Corporation in India which shows that the Sweatshops created in China, and Bangladesh has been done by the same force of evil.

Notice, that the fire in Jan 26, 2013 in Bangladesh happened only two months after a previous fire which occurred in similar conditions that was being controlled by Walmart.

People are constantly dying for the billion dollar profiteering racket that is being run by this monster corporation all over the planet, and the best part is that these evil monsters have absolutely no remorse over their crimes as their continue on their evil path.

The constant deaths in Bangladesh for the last 10 years in the controlled Sweatshops have been happening, and the Zealots have created a powerful web which will never allow the people trapped within their system to ever get out. As they have no where else to go for jobs, hence they will remain trapped in the hell hole that has been created as a massive trap.

It is a trap which will keep them half alive, yet they will keep getting exploited for the years to come. they children will have to burn in the same corporate machine that has been created by the Zionist that thrive on the misery of other people.

They constantly use psychological warfare, and the manipulation of laws to suppress the masses so that their dark reign on humanity continues. They have been warping the mindsets of the people so that their fighting spirit diminishes, and they continue in the warped system that has been created to destroy their lives.

The people of Bangladesh are no different who are constantly under great pressure that is created by evil corporations like Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, LIDL and Metro AG just to name a few zionist corporations that run on extreme human exploitation.

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Tommy Wade
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