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Friday, 4 January 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Master Money Launderer

Bharti Walmart India along with various similar organizations like Tesco, Carrefour, Metro AG,  and more are involved in massive money laundering around the planet. They are trying to appease their shareholders by expanding into territories that they can take over with their cut throat corporate tactics. The internal support of the "Borg Collective" makes them nearly invincible because they can create massive amounts of confusion to make people think that there are resisting forces against them when there are none. Deception has been the key to the lies, deception, and backstabbing of the Borg collective  for generations, and they have no intentions of backing down any time soon.

In countries like Mexico, India, Ethiopia and many others, Bharti Walmart India is taking over by deceptive means which has been lid down by the Bourge Collective who are master manipulators of the laws that govern the world. They are the ones that owned the British East India company under the Bourgeois Family line who corrupted the planet to a high degree. They have been eating away at the world for generations for their personal greed, and massive ego which provokes them to suppress other cultures through such means. This is a communal war that the zealots have been fighting with the world, and they manipulate the system to make that happen.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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