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Monday, 9 April 2012

Zealot Monstrosity: poisoning babies with melamine

It is a common fact that any thing made from a test tube can never be as good as natural food. Yet the Zealots prefer to create food from test tubes so they can make quick profits. Justus Freiherr von Liebig created melamine, and infant formula. He also owned meat factories, and it shows a big connection. Melamine shows more protein than it actually exists in any food item.

 They intentionally add melamine in beef, and baby formula so they can sell food that is laced with melamine that shows more protein than it actually exists. Hence, they can inflate the quantity of any food item by adding melamine for making more money, without the consideration that they are actually poisoning little babies. In the year 2008, many babies died in china because of baby food poisoned with melamine. The same thing happened in December 2011 in America to a 10 day old baby, which shows the pattern that the zealots never stopped adding melamine in food.

These evil monsters will do any thing for profit, and apparently they feel no remorse for poisoning babies. Nestle is also known for false advertising that their baby formula is better than cow milk. The zealots have proven to be frauds of the highest order, and they will stop at nothing to make money of deaths of innocent lives. These monsters do not deserve to exist as they keep committing global crimes over, and over again without any regard for any one outside their cult. Walmart India profiteers off selling poisonous baby food which is created through the web of the zealots, and the rest of humanity burns for their greed.

Walmart India
Tommy Wade
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