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Sunday, 12 August 2012

You won’t win against slave labor

The last few years have been bad for the world with the recession caused by the Debt based monetary system laid down around the world by “Zealots” who control the flow of money towards their own bank accounts. They have mastered the method to control the flow of information to manipulate the people of the world perpetually till the end of time.

They have been doing this for 2500 years in every country they invaded after their dispersion. All their “Host Countries” suffered under their manipulation and the zeal to take over the world to feed their empty souls. They will do any thing, and they will steal any thing that is created by other people for the glory of the “Borg Collective”. 

Lies and deception comes naturally to these dark souls that enjoy feeding off the people they manipulate. The key is that they won’t have to lift a finger in their lives because all they have to do is manipulate people around them to do their bidding. Using every unethical means in the book, the “Zealots” pretend to be the “Lords” of the world when they are nothing more than parasitical worms. Bharti WalmartIndia and various other corporations that they control to attack every economy to feed their own pockets are a mere reflection of their demonic mind.

Bharti Walmart India

Their main method of manipulation relies on having unlimited resources to manipulate the system towards their empty souls so they are the only ones in the world that prospers when the rest of the people burn in Debt that they created. Using the debt based system they can feed off the interest that will never end, and they won’t have to lift a finger till the end of time. '

They have planned to use this country after they allowed the “middle” class to flourish, and harvest them when the time is ripe. Other people are nothing more than cattle to these monsters, and they harvest them like the cattle they slaughter for their meat. Bharti WalmartIndia intends to supply this country with Chinese made goods, and export the fresh produce from this country to European countries.

The fraud they created in their advertising is that they intend to help the farmers, but they are just going to do the opposite as publicized. There will be more poverty when their evil monster enters, and destroys the economy for its personal greed.

Bharti Walmart India

They are the same evil creatures that owned the British, French, and Dutch East India Company under the Bourgeois Family line who are one of the leaders of the “Bourg Collective”. We remember the atrocities they created in this country when they destroyed the core of this civilization, and they have ensured that we never pick ourselves up again by installing a warped education, and government system that only works against us.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India is only a plague that will destroy this country for generations to come if they are not stopped now. The fraud of democracy is the mask that has to be unveiled, and the “Zealots” who control the puppets that they installed to control the Indian Government have to be eliminated. One thing the Zealots can Count on is that their annihilation is inevitable, no matter whatever they do.

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Tommy Wade
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