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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Debt Based Economy: Economic Terrorism

The outlandish form of Globalization true form is the New World Order which was formed by the Zealots who have been methodically corrupting humankind for their individual profit at the cost of every thing else around them. Walmart India is the product of the same monstrous greed and it has used all the tricks in the book to manipulate the world, and install its demonic system of Unsustainable Exploitation in as many countries as possible. It is a part of the European Retail Round table, and all of its members are in co-horts with each other as their all belong to the cult of the Zealots. They are the Original terrorist of the planet, who used to slit the throats of the "Romans" when they invaded and took over after the Rome - Zealot War. They are the same evil monsters who took over Britain under the veil of Norman Invasion. They are also the same people who controlled the British, French, and Dutch East India Company after the complete take over of Europe. They created the World Banking System after systematic destruction of the Whole world and created the New world Order. Using the Debt Based Economy that they installed all over the planet, they can feed off the taxes that the whole world pays to them forever. They can easily manipulate the countries through inflation and coerce people into accepting all of the business Brands. Nothing but their brands survives in a country, and people become hopelessly entrapped in their demonic web of infinite exploitation. They pay off the dummy government they installed like the Indian National congress which was created by British Zealots under the British East India Company.
Walmart India

Walmart India, Tesco, Metro AG, Starbucks, Nike, IKEA and many other analogous brands are owned by the Zealot cult that use economic warfare to subjugated humanity for generations. They are the unchanged wicked creatures who have produced and installed Communism in china to transform all of their populace into their absolute slaves as Communism suppresses all spiritual awareness which makes a nation weak, and powerless to fight back. These evil monsters re-write history, and distort people's minds so they can linger forever entrapped in their evil system. This allows them to enslave all the people and make them work for them till the end of time. These backstabbing, deceitful, bloodsucking vermin are not only a burden on humanity but they have no ability to create any thing positive. They create situations where the prices of the commodities inflate unnaturally so that people end up paying more out of their pockets. They even mislabel brands to give people substandard items which can be easily noticed by the recent Pork Scam done by Walmart in China

Walmart India

Walmart India is waiting for the new budget that is coming out on Friday 16th, March 2012, and expecting that Finance Minister Pranab Pukherjee will allow the Zealots to install their system in this country. If these brands are allowed to enter this country, then it will be proven that the “Zealot” creatures control the Government of India, and the only way to stop their onslaught towards the people of the world would be their complete destruction. The plays Economic Warfare by entering an economy forcefully, and then pretending to compete with other Brands that are owned by the Zealots too. This helps them create an illusion that competition exist in the minds of their victims, but in true essence they are trying to eliminate all competition so they can feed off our lives forever. They have to be destroyed completely if we are to have a future, they have been destroying us for generations and its time for payback.
Walmart India

Walmart India intends to manipulate this country by using Debt Based Economy that was installed by "British Zealots" under the mask of the British East India Company, which enables them to control this country by "Remote Control". All they have to do is pull the strings on one side, and the prices blow up according to their desires. They intend to keep people of the world is their slaves everlastingly so they can live a bountiful life, but that is not all they intend to manipulate history so they can pretend to be the creators when all they are capable of are just massive falsehood and trickery. These evil creatures have to be destroyed for the safety of human race, and they have to pay for all the atrocities they have done for over 2500 years all over the planet.

Tommy Wade
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