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Friday, 3 August 2012

India will destroy the bully of Bentonville

There has been a continuous onslaught towards this country by Global terrorist that have tapped out most of the people they enslaved in countries they are established. Bharti Walmart India is one such corporation that has entered this country on the basis of absolute lies, and deception which is the true core of this evil corporation. It is a known fact that they destroy all businesses around the economy they enter, and they end up as ghost towns. The cut throat tactics they use to eliminate businesses in their target economy has been the clear proof of their monstrosity. 
Bharti Walmart India

Collaboration with companies in India is just a cover for them to hide their true agendas, and create the illusion that the people of the country have some sort of control. However, the people who are used to collaborate to expand in this economy, only look towards the profit they can make. Their lack of a higher vision blinds them from a greater threat that comes along with their joint ventures. Bharti Walmart India is the same scenario, and only a depraved future awaits for all those who become a part of this trap. 

Bharti Walmart India

It is up to the people to open their eyes to the monsters that are preparing to feed off their lives for the next 25 years, and see the true reality of evil corporations like Bharti Walmart India. The people of this country should realize that this corporation is funded, and owned by the same people who enslaved them under the British, Dutch and French East India Company under the Bourgeois family line.

Bharti Walmart India

They are same monsters that destroyed their lives for generations and they have planted stronger roots to enslave the people’s future generations. The time has come to finally destroy these monsters once, and for all so that we all can have a better, and a peaceful future. The Zealots should expect their end, soon.

Tommy Wade
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