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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Class Action Lawsuit: Terrorizing Women

Zealots, the Original Terrorist of the Planet are the people that have created an intricate system of Global Terrorism through the warped system of “New World Order” which was established after the systematic destruction of humanity under the “British, French, and Dutch East India Company. Evil corporations like Walmart India, Tesco, Gap, Macy, H&M, Nike, Carrefour, Starbucks,7-eleven, IKEA and Metro AG are the new face of these evil creatures who are using the web of deception and evil they created to feed off the lives of all the people of the planet. They “Undermine” the Rights of all the people of the planet, and especially the weaker section of the society that should be protected the most – women, and children. The Dirty Zealots creatures use Child Slavery, and give lesser opportunities as well as a lower pay package so they can inflate their profits exponentially. The “Class Action Lawsuit” that was started by six women in 2001 ran for over 10 years, and they came out empty handed. An average person does not make enough money to law long enough in the system that the Zealots created.

Walmart India

Huge blood sucking corporations like Walmart India use their financial power to suppress the people who stand up against them. This gives them the power to feed off their lives forever, and the normal people have no way to fight back for their rights. Over 1 million women were a part of the lawsuit, and they were supposed to get justice from the system. However, the system was built by the Zealots which give them power to manipulate all the people connected to the system for ever. If the women had won the case against them, then they would have been liable to pay billions in damages along with punitive damages. Loosing to women, and their billions that they made by manipulating people could not be allowed to happen. And the result is clearly seen as the “Supreme court of United States of America” ruled against the women. Clearly the Web of the Zealots is created to manipulate the people of the world forever, and live them nothing but hopelessness in return.

Walmart India

Walmart India is the product of the same evil monsters that controlled the “British, French, and Dutch East India Company”. All the people of the world still remember caused by those monsters, and the so-called “First World” countries are controlled by the Demonic Zealots. These evil terrorist intentionally put others down so they can feel good about themselves. They have systematically enslaved countries like china, Bangladesh, and many other countries using warped ideologies they created like “Communism” which suppresses Spiritual knowledge. If the spiritual knowledge is suppressed then a community becomes weak, and they can be harvested as Slaves. This is the true core of the monsters known as Zealots

Walmart India

These parasites have installed many of their brands in India after slow manipulation of the “Debt Based Economy” and the puppet government they installed after they left as the “British East India Company”. Walmart India has forcefully installed its brand, and even hacked blog of the people who tried to talk against them online. Their aggressive push in this country will be met will an aggressive push-back. The time of Zealots has come to an end, and their “Doomsday” is inevitable as written in their “Doomsday book that they brought to England after the “Norman Invasion”.
Tommy Wade
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