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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Walmart's bullish Corporate Terrorism thwarted in India

Walmart India, Tesco, Gap, Macy, H&M, Carrefour, Starbucks,7-eleven, IKEA and Metro AG are playing a slick corporate con-game around the world through a system which was built by the cult that has been destroying humanity for hundreds of years. They are the same "Norman Cult" that took over "Britain" under "William the conqurer", and have been hiding in plain sight using psychological warfare which they have been using against their prey for hundreds of years. Their con-game relies on manipulating the beliefs of their prey, and manipulating their minds through the indoctrination they have placed in a slick manner through every means possible. Their system is huge which gives them the confidence that they will always get away with the crimes they commit against humanity, however they themselves know their "Doomsday" is coming. The "Norman" cult wrote about their own "Doomsday" in their Doomsday Book", and this is the year that their demonic reign on humanity will come to an end. 

Walmart India

Walmart India is the dark product of the same greed that has destroyed many lives for hundreds of years around the world by the same cult that has warped the minds of the people through all mediums possible. However, truth can never remain hidden forever, no matter how hard the manipulators try. The accumulated evil of their deeds will eventually destroy them. The "Zealot Cult" that used to "Slit" the throats of Romans just because they were trying to fight back for their survival, was considered "Fashionable" by these evil beasts. After they won over the Romans, they manipulated history to make the Victims look like the bad guys, when the true victimzers took every thing from their victims. Their evil has taken the form of the modern "Debt based" banking system that has enslaved humanity, which gives the "Zealot Cult" different ways to manipulate people around the world.

Walmart India
Walmart India has tried to hack the blog, and personal computer of the people living in this country who tried to fight back their over Zealous attack towards them. This has provoked the people of India to fight back with even greater force which cannot be stopped by any means. The harder these evil monsters push, the greater the people of India will fight back. The people of India still remember the atrocities, and psychological warfare used by the "Evil Zealot Cult"through the British, French, and Dutch East India Company. Indians are completely aware of the fact that it is the Zealot cult that owns the "British Commonwealth". Their dark dominion over this planet will come to an end this year, and there is nothing that the Zealot Cult can do to stop their inevitable end.

Walmart India
Walmart India will pay for all the lives they have stomped on around the world, and the people behind the scenes will pay a heavy price for their atrocities. This Con-game of infinite exploitation will come to an end, and these evil creatures will pay for their crimes against humanity. This war will never end till the Zealot Cult is destroyed. They should prepare themselves for their inevitable annihilation that they are going to face in the near future.

Tommy Wade
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