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Friday, 8 February 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Collective Lobbying - Bribing Government

Bharti Walmart India has played a game from which their prey can never get out from because all the top power and money hungry corporations can attack a market collectively. Most drone like masses are never able to see the hidden agenda behind their acts, and they get ripped apart inside their web without realizing that this trap was being built around them for a very long time. 

Collective Lobbying is the ultimate method to manipulate the government to work against the people of the country, and allow the corporations to come into to destroy the people. The media helps in reprogramming the masses into thinking that it will be good for them but it is just the opposite. The people walk into their trap on their own, and they work their lives away without realizing that they have sold off their future.

Many retail corporations that are interconnected with each other have a powerful web made around the masses from which they can never get out no matter how hard they try. There are many corporations that are working together to suppress market because they have created a collective monopoly to destroy the people of the world.

They are the kind of corporations that do not work for the people but work against them to make quick profits by becoming a burden on their lives. It all starts small which people can never seem to notice, and they attack the weakest point of a person which is their ego. 

They use the media to hide their crimes, and manipulate the mindset of the people at the same time. If there is doubt then most people will never be able to target the true criminals behind the attack. This has allowed such people behind these corporations to contentiously expand into other territory by literally eliminating other businesses. 

Tesco, Mrtro AG, LIDL India, carrefour and Auchan are just few of those corporations that plan to completely take over the market where people will remain hopelessly hooked into their system where they will remain as slaves.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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