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Friday, 10 May 2013

Walmart Bangladesh Garment SweatShop Fire Slays Eight ( 8th May, 2013 )

Expect the death toll to rise, there has been another fire in Bangladeshi Sweatshops specifically installed to exploit the poor of this country. With Rising Inflation in China, Bangladesh has become the cheapest labor workforce on the planet. Reminding you the fact that the Banking system in the East was Installed by "David Cameron's" Banking Family.

This is Debt Based Banking system, we are talking about.

A plague spread by a singular demonic force of evil we know as Zealots. This was done under the British East India Company, let's not forget this fact!

This is force slavery, where the manipulators have been planing their system of control for a very long time. This is war waged against the world by a singular demonic force of evil, and it is destroying the planet completely.

Business is a dirty game, no doubt. But corporations like Walmart, GAP, DISNEY etc have taken things a bit too far for keeping their billion dollar profiteering game running.

Th game has become much more filthy, as the poor remain trapped in the Sweatshops built for them.

The amazing part of this trap is that they have no where else to go, and the Sweatshop owners get away with their crime just by saying, Where else are they gonna go for work?

When you have no where else to go, you burn in these Sweatshops.

When you can eliminate all competition with cutthroat predatory pricing, there is no where else to go.

Women, and children in Bangladesh have become the main targets of these corporations, as they can put the blame on the factory owners.

OH! it wasn't us who run the shop ourselves!

Blame the Government!
Blame the people!
Blame the Factroy Owner!
Blame the Media!
Just saying, it was bad luck..

Oh yes, Bad luck, that keeps happening every next month!?

Oh ya, sure, just blame the other guy...!

It is so easy to get away with Slave Genocide.

Walmart Sweatshop Fire Bangladesh ( 8th May, 2013 )

Tommy Wade
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