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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Walmart's Kill Score Exceeds 500 in Bangladesh April 2013

Walmart is known to use Sweatshops in a number of countries, and Bangladesh is one of them. The people of the country are used as cheap slave labour as the officials can be easily manipulated with a small amount of cash, and the laws manipulated through the incessant lobbying tactics.

A Victim of Free Market

Poor countries are victimized by such corporations as they can manipulate the whole population by controlling the laws of the land. Once they have absolute control over all the aspects of the game, then they are able to get away with their crimes as they can attack the people, "indirectly".

Free Market strategy gives complete power to whoever has the money to control the market. The iron hammer of corporations wins, and every other business goes out the window. When you have no where else to go for work, then you become hopelessly entrap in the web of the corporations.

People of Bangladesh have been maneuvered in such a manner that they will never be able to get out from the trap that has been set up for them. They have no choice but to go back into the trap that has been laid down for them. They end up working in the same hole which has been set up to destroy their lives completely.

Numerous traps have been setup for the people, which includes the monetary system.

A number of activist organizations are also controlled by corporations so that the normal people never try to fight back on their own, and they can easily control the opposition as they see fit. This allows them to suppress all opposition when they can lead the opposition.

This scam is run at multiple levels, and these corporate thugs consider human lives as fodder for their evil corporate machines, hell bent on destroying human lives for feeding their near infinite black hole of greed.

Walmart has reached a kill score of 500, and above in Bangladesh as a number of people have been dug up from the crushed ill-maintained building used for creating their in-house brand, "Faded Glory".

For making cheap clothes, they burn people in their corporate machine to dish out the lowest prices.

The cost of low price -- keeps growing every single day, and this is only the beginning.

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Kill Score 500 ( April, 2013 )

Tommy Wade
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