Thursday, 21 March 2013

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop deaths

Walmart is one of the most evil corporations in the world that has maintained its dark existence through intense human suffering around the planet, and this can be seen as hundreds of people die every year in Bangladeshi Sweatshops.

Media has been their primary weapon to manipulate the mindset of the masses so they never know or remain in the state of ignorance so that they continue to be the buyers of sweatshop made goods that have been established by the zionist under the British East India company years ago in the Eastern Countries, and also countries like Brazil and Mexico.

This has been the evil plot for a very long time which has come to complete fruition where the zionist have systematically enslaved the world through a web of lies, recite and the manipulation of the laws of the world. This has been a continuous attack where they have manipulated every medium to manipulate people, and expand their system of profiteering using the power of ignorance.

This has been a covert war with the world, and their main agenda has always been to make maximum amount of money in the shortest amount of time. This has been their game for a very long time, and they use every medium at their disposal to make that happen.

Deaths in Walmart Bangladesh has been happening for many years, yet nothing seems to change when people keep dying in such hell holes built to destroy the common man for the profits of the corporations. The biggest lie is that such corporations are nameless, and faceless because the people behind such systems can be easily hunted down.

This is a systematic global Economic terrorism racket which is intended to suppress all the people who are not a part of the zionist cult, and they have used every method push them down into the gutter. There no doubt that we are all in that same pile of rotten system built to destroy our lies, and the only way out is to destroy the people on the very top that built this very system.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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