Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Labyrinth of lies

Bharti Walmart India is persistently expanding its labyrinth of lie using the media just to hoodwink the public into thinking that they will not be able to carry on their development because of the “On going Probe” when there is nothing going on in the backdrop.

The deception of words has been the main weapons of these corporations that have manipulate the public through the constant disinformation war scheme that they have used every step of the way. They have employed every means at their disposal to suppress the people, and keep them confined in such a method that they cannot get out of their trap.

They force public face off the company under “Class Action Lawsuit” that can be effortlessly manipulated during a fake court assessment that can be controlled via trained lawyers that have mastered the art of maneuvering of the laws. Loop holes amid the laws have allowed them to totally repress the populace, and keep them confined.

This is a malevolent war game that they have used for years, and keep this scheme of evil going is the only way they can keep their fraudulent way of life going.  With the Chinese Sweatshops sourcing them nearly everlasting supply of goods they plan to install their toxic roots into every state for greatest profiteering.

This is a never ending scheme of evil except if they are shattered from the roots, because they have no plan to do the right thing as the right path will never allow them to make the kind of money they have always wanted scam from the masses in their short lived careers.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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