Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Walmart in cohorts with the Rothschilds

 Bharti Walmart India is part of the greatest criminal cult the world has ever known which has been destroying the planet for the last 2500 years for their personal greed. They have conspired against every country, and culture in the world which they have systematically destroyed over the years. They also are the master manipulators of information to delude their victims perpetually within their web.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India
Walmart EL Rothschild
Bharti Walmart India
Walmart Field Fresh Rothschild

You can clearly see that Bharti Walmart India  not only plans to shove cheap Chinese Sweatshop produced goods in this country, but they also plan to sell off farm produce in European countries owned, and controlled by "Zealots". The point to be noted is that it was the Rothschild Family that owned, and controlled the British, French, Dutch, and Swiss East India company. Both Walmart, and EL Rothschild Group are a part of the same criminal cult which is why they support each other through think and thin. There is no doubt that their web is huge, but there is no web in this world that cannot be burnt apart!

Tommy Wade
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