Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tax swindle: Sam Walton’s devious Cherokee Indian Ancestry

The world is under threat because so-called fortune 500 corporations like Bharti Walmart India that will go to any limit to use the public of the planet to make speedy profits. The scam being run in this country shows that they have every intention to destroy lives for their personal profit which is why they have to be uprooted once, and for all. This is a corporation which has been built with the ideals of the “Zealots” who have been eating away at the world for the last 2500 years. They have used many underhanded techniques to warp the minds of the people, and keep them in a state of ignorance so that they can manipulate their lives till the end of time. It would allow them to use people as fodder in their mechanical engine which is built to drain their lives away. This is not a system that is meant to make the lives of the common man better but it is meant to use them as fuel to feed their hunger for money. They do not care about selling anything that is healthy but all these monsters care about how to maximize their profit by any means necessary.

Bharti Walmart India
Bharti Walmart India

Walmart Mike Duke Fraud

This is the latest scam being run by Bharti Walmart India which is being done specifically to invade the economy by bypassing the laws they were trying to change through their old fashioned lobbying techniques. The problem was that it was too slow for them, and they were loosing their patience when their shares were falling in the market. This is the core reason that they used the fraud of having Red Indian Cherokee tribe ancestry to take over the market. However, this was a technique that the “Borg collective” used to use to hide their original identity which will now be destroyed. If this fraud is out in the open, then many old scams that they have been running will be torn apart as well which will lead to their inevitable demise.

Bharti Walmart India
Walmart Walton Fraud

Clearly, they wanted to take over the market using this technique and break down the laws to completely take over to sell their sweatshop produce in the country. Not only they plan to sell Cheap Chinese Sweatshop made goods but they also intend to export fresh farm good to Europe which will leave the country is much more depraved state. Bharti Walmart India has created this condition for these anti-social elements to take over the country at a core level, and this fraudulent brand name cannot be allowed to continue any longer. They have dug a deep hole for the people, and soon they will pay a heavy price for the evil they have committed.

Bharti Walmart India
Walmart Evil Greed

They used the ignorance of the people, and got themselves attested as part of the “Cherokhee community” which is a complete lie. This was specifically done to enter this country by bypassing laws to drain the blood of the common people. They also clearly stated that they have been bribing corrupt officials to get the FDI bill passed, which is why they created a whole new scam to replace their original scam. Bharti Walmart India is built on poisonous roots that are going to spread into the country at a whole new level. The future of the common people will be destroyed, and they will be left in much more depraved state than before. 

Target, Carrefour and Lidl are trying to follow the footsteps of Bharti Walmart India so they can also grab on to the same concessions in Tax from the Indian Government. The point to be noticed is that why are they following the same pattern? It is because they are part of the same group that owns the whole conglomerate. They are like a hoard of locusts that do not care for any thing but their own lives, and consume everything in their path. They are putting pressure on the Finance Ministry to declare them as OBC so they can get all the tax concessions, and the people of the country will suffer in the end. This poisonous game has to stop, and it will only end with the complete destruction of the borg collective itself.

Tommy Wade
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