Saturday, 18 February 2012

Walmart India is a burden to all life on this planet

Walmart India is the ultimate corporate poison that has been destroy the world for over 40 years. Their poisonous corporate tricks revolve around, "How to under cut the competition". This technique means more profit for them but in the process they create a perfect circle of poverty which has destroyed many lives. They thrive in creating misery around the world, as many small businesses go out of business. The only place left to work at the end of the day would be working as a slave at Walmart India.

Walmart India

Walmart India truly is a depraved manic that feels no remorse in selling poison to people. It is well known that they sell inferior baby food to the whole community because it is mass produced. These mass produced goods come from china which was enslaved long time ago since the time of the british east india company. They are the same evil monsters that made the chinese people weak by making them addicted to opium that was grown in India under the dark reign of the East India company from Britain. The evil Zealots created and installed "Communism" to erase spiritual strength from the Chinese people as they could not use "christianity" to enslave them completely.

Walmart India

Walmart India is using the same evil system that they installed in China years ago, and they have created "Asia" as their "Global workhouse". This allows them to undercut all businesses around the world and install all processes in China. The chinese people have been transformed as the "Zealot" slave "race". China once used to be a happy place which was warped by the onslaught of the "Zealot" terrorism that has been destroying the world for over 2500 years. They have poisoned the minds of humanity with the psychological warfare they have been playing with, and all they create is a intricate system of lies and deception. 

Walmart India

Walmart India is the product of a very ancient evil that has taken a huge form of evil that has to be destroyed before it destroys all life on this planet. They will go at any lengths to make their profits, and they have even poisoned little babies to keep up with their share price. Their inability to create any thing forces them to keep manipulating every thing around them, and this is the very reason they have to be cut down from their roots so their poison stops in their tracks.

Tommy Wade
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