Monday, 20 February 2012

India Hates Walmart, Absolutely

Walmart India, Tesco, IKEA, Starbucks, Carrefour, 7-eleven and Metro AG have invaded this country when people of this country do not want them to destroy their fragile economy. These monsters have come into the guise that they actually want to help this country while they are infamous for human exploitation around the world. They play a slick game of deception by telling people one thing and then stabbing them in the back when they have their complete trust. They have gotten away with many atrocities they have been committing for years because they have many high powered lawyers to get them out of any situation that arises against them. 

Walmart India

Walmart India is trying to use Indian National congress to invade this country, which is why the new leaders of this part are barking about how "India" needs FDI. The corporate terrorist will eventually take over every thing people will have no way of fighting back the demonic system of control they want to install at a micro level in this country. They want to exploit the huge population of this country so they can make profits for many years to come. In the process of their extreme exploitation in the name of "Progress" many people who will be hopelessly connect to it will suffer unimaginably. They will have work more to survive, and they will have to end up eat the genetically modified inferior food that these evil corporations will mass produce. 

Walmart India
Walmart India has been making its millions from the horrifying exploitation they have done in Asian countries with the workhouses they have installed by strong arming the common people and controlling the people in the government. They manipulate the media and make people think that its the government of that particular country  making it happen. But in fact, it is the Zealot cult, that controls all these evil corporations are feeding off the exploitation, lies and deception they have created for years. 

Walmart India
Walmart India will not survive because of all the evil they have committed against the world, and they will pay for every last crime against humanity they have done. It does not matter if they are part of the freemason cult or are a part of the same group that is trying to create one world government, the end of such evil is eminent. They will pay for their crimes, and nothing can stop their demise. 

Tommy Wade
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