Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Predatory Economic Entrapment

Bharti Walmart India is funded and controlled by the Zionist as this just one of the brand name that they are using to attack every economy in the world so they can feed off the lives of all the people in the world using the elaborate trap they have woven around millions of people throughout the years. This is a corporation that has been funded by EL Rothschilds Group that are the same people that controlled the British East India company. They are the same monsters that created the concept of Communism that was installed in China, and transformed the common people into complete slaves. Now they have absolutely no choice but to work in the Workhouses created for them to let their families survive.

Many of their agents have been placed in china to haggle with the Chinese to get the lowest price on their produce, and sell the products all over the world to feed of the massive margins. This has been their plot for a very long time, and they have used this technique to destroy many business in places like Thailand where 70 % of mom and pop stores closed down when Walmart came into their domain. Now, 7 eleven is playing the same thing by placing their stores every where so they can drain the lives of the people completely. 

Their parasitical nature never changes because they create traps in every sphere, and  warp the minds of the people by manipulating the media. They use other fear tactics to suppress the people, and they also use the political system to gain advantage on the masses. They use their high-paid lawyers to suppress any, and all opposition against them, and give their poisonous system the long life that they have enjoyed. 

They use their elaborate traps in such a manner that their prey walk right into them because they think that it will be good for them but when they enter their trap it is already too late. There is no way out left for them, and they get ripped apart inside. Their lives are used as fodder to fuel their system, and this can be seen through the economic, and political system that they installed through the British East India company in many countries.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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