Friday, 25 January 2013

India stands against Walmart Tesco Entry

Bharti Walmart India has been rejected, and refused by the common people of this country yet Metro AG, LIDL in India, Tesco, carrefour have entered along with walmart using the old fashioned bribing/ lobbying tactics that has worked for them for generation.

Quick profits is the only thing in their mind which they generate using sweatshops in countries like China, Bangladesh, Mexico, and man other "Third World" countries that they putrified to begin with. These countries were not poor but they were made poor as the "Zionist/ Zealot" owned British East India Company systematically destroyed, and looted their countries using the laws of the world.

The bourgeois Family Line of the zionist have planned this systematic onslaught on the world so they can control the people of the world with an iron hand. This is the original terrorist cult of evil that intends to destroy nature, and every culture in the world to feed their infinite greed.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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