Thursday, 1 November 2012

Doubt is the ultimate weapon in Court of law

All the so-called fortune 500 corporations like Bharti Walmart India have won themselves millions of lawsuits in the court of law by creating doubt. This is the greatest weapon that has been used for generations by Zealots who have sought to destroy everything in the world so they can generate quick profits for themselves, and take over every thing. They create elaborate schemes which are meant to entrap their opponents in their web. Once their prey enters that trap, and they show lack of character then they get easily chewed up within that trap. The only way out of the traps that they have created is by understanding the core of this deception to destroy it from within. They work together to manipulate people, and they create many mind barriers so that no one is able to attack them at any point of time. The web is huge which is why there has been no one in the world who has been able to destroy their core. However, they have run out of tricks, and have been using the same manipulation in every sphere of life which is why they can be easily destroyed.

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade
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